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not self-interest.

Technology has given us this stunning opportunity to stretch our humanity. Never before has the world seemed so large and so small at the same time. We have this opportunity to ignite our networks, to shift the very fabric of economy and our mindset by creating this multifaceted, expandable platform. 

If you are touched, inspired, or curious, please feel free to contact us.

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Our Founding Team

Deborah Greene -Founder/CEO

Based in the Bay Area, Deborah has a long history of creating award-winning programs in diverse sectors, working with corporations, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, educators and media of all kinds. Most recently, she created the Our State of Peace Project, a documentary series that emerged from interviews with hundreds of people around the world. She is also a writer and educator and has been schooled in Mindfulness and Child & Adolescent Development, mediation, and is skilled in victim-offender dialogue through her work with The Foliage Project in the LA Detention Centers, for which she founded. Greene’s newest venture, LiveaMoment will soon release a first of its kind app, designed to help people create their own Three Feet of Peace, connect with others around the world, aid in the teaching of Emotional Intelligence and raise money for a cause or nonprofit of their choice.

Jörg Fockele -Media Director

Jörg is an award-winning filmmaker, executive producer and television director/producer with a career spanning almost 25 years.  Jörg is a critically acclaimed television director of shows such as Bravo’s “Queer Eye”, ABC ’s “Wife Swap”, MTV’s “Savage U”, the Sundance Channel’s “Big Ideas for a Small Planet” and AMC’s “Small Town Security”. Jörg is also Co-Founder of the non-profit media organization “The HIV Story Project” and as such has directed and co-produced various PSAs and documentaries including the award-winning short film compilation “Still Around”. 

Monique Johnson- Creative Director

Monique is an award-winning creative director who has worked in the Bay Area for over 18 years. Her passion is creating and building brands, and has honed her skills with clients ranging from small businesses and startups to major companies like Mozilla, OpenTable, Ancestry.com, KodakGallery, Klout and Lithium Technologies. Monique loves to travel, especially if there's live music, trail running, magnificent nature—or (preferably) all three—along the way. It's where she divines the seemingly endless inspiration for her large body of work. In other words, she's a big believer in the virtue of time off to inform time on. She's also got two wild boys and a husband with whom she shares a penchant for elaborate costume parties to keep her playful approach to life close to the surface.

Amir Jaffer- Filmmaker

Amir began exploring the world of filmmaking with his father’s video camera at the age of thirteen. He realized his childhood dream when he began working as an Independent Producer in San Francisco in 2005. In addition to making movies and documentaries, Amir has produced music and branding videos. He has worked on music videos that were broadcasted on LOGO/MTV, and branding videos for the Oakland Visitors Bureau and local businesses in San Francisco. With a Bachelors Degree in International Relations and a passion for filmmaking, Amir believes in making movies and telling stories that are meaningful and that make people think. He doesn’t shy away from subjects considered controversial, including politics, religion and sexuality.


Our Advisors

John Farrell

Heidi Walas

Sophie Ali

Jorden Segraves

Dr. Kelly Baron