Test 2


Join the Evolution




What if we can collectively take a moment at the top of any hour, disengage but remain connected... 

What if we can share that experience and be able to track our collective consciousness around the world... 

What if when the world is in a moment of peril, we can stop, together, every hour and breath...

What if we took a moment and remembered there truly is no "other"...


The Basics

The Power of One.

Pick a moment at the top of any hour.  
Commit to taking 3 minutes to disconnect.


The Power of Two.

Log in your location.  After you take your moment, enter three words and see how many people shared the same thought as you at the same moment of time.  



The Power of Three.

Witness a growing global community. Each hour you participate and everyday we will see our expanding global consciousness centered in peace. all while raising funds.