Toni Childs & An Experiential Journey of Yoga, Music, and Filmmaking- Provincetown, MA

  • Provincetown, MA

Toni Childs & join forces for a US tour promoting Mindfulness, Peace and Beauty. These sessions are a rich and expansive experiential journey that will raise you to a higher vibration of peace and inner beauty like a giant shower of love. Because You're Beautiful Come and celebrate your magnificence with a special yoga and meditation experience... Toni Childs' powerful voice bathes you in sound and love - and aligns you with the truth - YOU are beautiful! -Our State of Peace Global Initiative We are each in need of creating a world of peacefulness and balance around us. With over 200 peace blogs from 25 countries already filmed, this summer we crossed America to create a dynamic, human tapestry of our current state of peace, individually and as a world community.