An Evening of Yoga, Music, and Filmmaking- Lynnfield, MA

  • 250 Market Street, Lynnfield, Ma 01940

Toni Childs & join forces for a US tour promoting Mindfulness, Peace and Beauty. These sessions are a rich and expansive experiential journey that will raise you to a higher vibration of peace and inner beauty like a giant shower of love. Because You're Beautiful Come and celebrate your magnificence with a special yoga and meditation experience... Toni Childs' powerful voice bathes you in sound and love - and aligns you with the truth - YOU are beautiful! -Our State of Peace Global Initiative We are each in need of creating a world of peacefulness and balance around us. How do we cultivate the resilience to find calm when we meet the challenges of every day and those extraordinary days we must rise above? With over 200 peace blogs from 25 countries already filmed, this summer we crossed America to create a dynamic, human tapestry of our current state of peace, individually and as a world community.