Finding Connection in Chaos

Can we take a moment...can we?  

I have a great love of humanity, always have.  And I know, at the heart of it, we all do.  I was the child in the playground who was always rooting for the underdog.  In fact, Underdog was my favorite cartoon; Helen Keller was my hero; and I rooted for the Patroit's even way back then.  

Technology has given us this incredible gift to stretch our humanity and yes, it can overwhelm.  I know it can be hard to allow each of these attacks to truly land in our psyche.  It is overwhelming.  I'm not asking that we succumb to the fear.  I'm asking that we don't step away from who we are as humans.  At our core, we are love.  That's the only thing that will rise us above.  And the only way to access the love that motivates action is to allow all the emotions in.  We must be able to hold both joy AND pain. The more we feel the impact of each attack, the more motivated we will be to find solution.

These attacks must be seen as an attack on us all, no matter what the physical distance. "We are one" is not a catch phrase.  It's our only hope.

The fact is we are all the underdog at some point and we are now at the point where that could not be more true.  As a people, as a planet, we are the underdog. There is a destroying of the very fiber of what connects us as humans.  The very connective thread is being challenged.  That is our humanity.  The ability to care, to recognize another's pain, to acknowledge the pain we are causing in another.  

So for today let's consider...  when you see a person on the street or in the media, you may not know exactly what they carry with them, but odds are, they are carrying a similar burden to yours or joy or heartbreak.  We are more alike than not, complete with fears, desires ,and an innate hope for a peaceful, joyful existence.

May your next choice bring you peace.  And then, may we each bring our peace to the world.



Deborah Greene is the Founder and CEO of, a company which has created a platform for daily mindfulness that combines the action of cultivating individual peace and connecting globally to foster world peace.  Deborah has a long history of creating award-winning programs in diverse sectors, working with manufacturers, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, educators and media of all kinds. She is a writer and educator and has been schooled in Mindfulness and Child & Adolescent Development, mediation, and is skilled in victim-offender dialogue through her work in the LA Detention Centers.