It started over dinner

It all started over dinner…

I posed a simple question to the group.  Would you be willing to have an App that randomly turned off your phone for 3 minute intervals without your input?  Silence… Shock… Down right anger.  How could you suggest that?  What about an emergency?  What if that was the instant that someone tried to highjack your car, what about an earthquake?  My daughter could be sick?  What if someone died? And so on.

It was such a telling moment that it forced us all to FINALLY just stop… Silence.  But this time the silence came with an awareness of just how out of whack we were.  Certainly, people had survived for years with only the input from their direct surroundings and the companionship and assistance  of those around them.  Especially here in the Bay Area, it was hard to admit our obsession.  We do love our gadgets.

Believe me, I wasn’t judging.  My modern twitch had become a subtle flick of the thumb no one would even notice.  As a matter of fact, that little manuever had become an acceptable nuance in our modern day dance of conversation.  But energetically, there is an awareness we are all subtle somewhere else.  We are a group of highly evolved, highly intellegent, partial people.

One of my favorite lines of poetry is from Rilke:

I want to unfold.
I don’t want to stay folded,
because where I am folded, there I am a lie.

That’s how I feel sometimes. Slightly folded into myself.  I am balancing the conversation I am currently in, all while being aware of several conversations I am having in my pocket.  So, this endeavor is not to claim right or wrong.  It’s about simple awareness and the possibilities of a slight tweeking, (no I did not say tweeting), of our behavior and what the ramifications of these small changes might be.

We are each born with many gifts.  Some need to be cultivated, others curbed.  And so do patterns, some cultivated and others curbed. 

We will be introducing many opportunities to experiment with disconnecting to connect and ways that might work within your lifestyle.  And here’s the important piece, all while being able to witness what these moments are doing for people all over the world.

And yes, for those daredevil, thrill seekers…go ahead, leave your phone in the car for one dinner.  

Viva the evolution!