A 12 year old's wisdom on Peace...

A Moment to Realize

War is driven by hate, made by people who don’t understand the beauty in differences, who don’t take the time to realize what they are doing until its over. This does not make them bad people. It just makes them ignorant to the pain of their destruction.

Life is driven by love, made by people who care for others around them, even the people they do not know. The people who donate to others without a second thought, the people who will give extra money to that homeless man on the street, not caring what he does with it, but hoping he does something productive to keep himself alive. For we can not lose any more lives because of not caring, not noticing, not trying and not asking what we could do to help this world and the living beings on it.

-Emma, age 12

Please join us at noon, Sunday, September 21st, for the United Nations International Day of Peace, SF Peace Flash Mob!

Moment of Silence 12pm; Peace Flash Mob 12:01pm

Location will be announced 5 days before. Beautiful and easily accessible.

More info and flash mob dance steps at: www.Liveamomentofpeace.com

(love to my niece for her wisdom.)